Michelle Mangini - State Certified Massage Therapist and NLP Life Coach
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Through massage and coaching you can reduce pain and lower stress  improving your mental and emotional well-being.
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New Clients:
Save $20 Off Your First 70 or 100 Minute Massage Session

Returning Clients:
 Refer One Friend and Receive Half Off Your Next 70 or 100 Minute Massage Session
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 Something New.....
Cupping Massage 1hour for $50
(valid for the month of August)
 So what is cupping massage?
 Well, there are two ways to describe and receive this style of bodywork. The first and most traditional is that which came from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this session the cups are place along the body (mostly on the backside of the body) and left for a period of time that allows the cups to pull up stagnate blood and energy to release tension and pain.
 The second style is more of a western twist on the traditional. The cups are placed on the body and moved as they pull up on the skin helping to release stuck connective tissue releasing tension and pain.This 1 hour cupping massage combines the two styles to taylor the perfect session for You! 
Michelle's training in cupping began in 2005 while she studied massage in China and most recently in her studies in Medical Massage. Michelle is currently training to become a Certified Medical Massage Therapist 

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August Availability

Tuesday Aug. 5th-
                                  10am (45 or 70 minute session only)
Wednesday Aug. 6th-
Thursday Aug. 7th-
Friday Aug. 8th-
                             10am (45 or 70 minute session only)
Saturday Aug. 9th-
Tuesday Aug. 12th-
Wednesday Aug. 13th-
Thursday Aug. 14th-
Friday Aug. 15th-
Tuesday Aug. 19th-
                                 10am (45 or 70 minute session only)
Wednesday Aug. 20th-
Out of the Office- August 21st through August 28th
Friday Aug. 29th-
Saturday Aug. 30th-


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